Ultimate Realism True to life (Reshademe) settings GTA5 Mods

Ultimate Realism True to life (Reshademe) settings

I’ve spent many hours perfecting and tweaking for little over a year and finally achieved Immersion. Credit goes to Reshademe. All other credits for all else is in the installation directions. You can use just the Reshademe setting but for the full package I’ve included all other credits and links to get your game immersive. Watch the video then you’ll understand what I mean. Enjoy !!!!!

ATTENTION……. If these settings seem too dark and you are familiar with reshademe settings. Go to reshademe by hitting the home button on your keyboard in game it will bring up the Reshademe app. There is a check box on the lower right hand corner (Performance Mode), Uncheck it and that will allow you to make changer to the shader settings. Scroll down to Tonemap Fx. with the exposure slider, Slide to preferred brightness. Once done recheck the Performance mode box. Hit ESC on your keyboard and you’re done. Enjoy !!!!!

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